Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Mike .... and a Girly & Daddy Day!

Mike turned 41 on Friday the 20th. He and the girls went to their favorite cafe for Chocolate Eclairs and Hot Chocolate. That evening they went to Uncles house for dinner, where the girls served him a yummy cake with candles. Grandfather gave Mike a Ukrainian shirt.

Today Mike took the girls to get their hair washed, cut and styled. It cost $1.50 for each girl!! What a bargain!
They also got their nails done and Mike even got his hair cut too!

This week the girls birth certificates and passports will be started. Mike is hoping to be back in Kiev by Monday next week to start the medicals & American Embassy Visas. We are hoping the end is in sight.
Thank You all so much for the help of cleaning our home for my arrival and providing meals for me and the children at home. Its been such a blessing.

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