Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Mike .... and a Girly & Daddy Day!

Mike turned 41 on Friday the 20th. He and the girls went to their favorite cafe for Chocolate Eclairs and Hot Chocolate. That evening they went to Uncles house for dinner, where the girls served him a yummy cake with candles. Grandfather gave Mike a Ukrainian shirt.

Today Mike took the girls to get their hair washed, cut and styled. It cost $1.50 for each girl!! What a bargain!
They also got their nails done and Mike even got his hair cut too!

This week the girls birth certificates and passports will be started. Mike is hoping to be back in Kiev by Monday next week to start the medicals & American Embassy Visas. We are hoping the end is in sight.
Thank You all so much for the help of cleaning our home for my arrival and providing meals for me and the children at home. Its been such a blessing.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Court finalized in region yesterday for the girls! 
The Girls new names: 

Sasha: Britney Ann Worth (15)
Vika: Laci Ann Worth (9)
They got to pick first names, we picked their middle names after me & Grammy.
Britney especially was very excited about picking a new name. She said "This is my new life with a new name. I'm leaving the past behind me!"

WELCOME TO THE WORTH FAMILY our beloved and longed for daughters!! 

The Lady in the picture is whom the Lord used for His own purpose and His own glory…her name is Oksana, she is the director of the orphanage.
She is the one who said to us “Come get the girls, you are the family they need.” This is after being hosted by several other USA families over the years.
We have also been staying in her apartment near the orphanage to have easy access…the Lord uses people to accomplish His great plans.

We took a train into Kiev right after court, Thursday there is USA Embassy paperwork and then I (Tara) will fly home Friday at 6am (8pm Thursday California time) while Mike waits in girls region for legal requirements to wrap up (several more weeks) and will then bring the girls HOME FOREVER! 
Laci was very disgruntled with the fact that she wasn't getting on the plane with me on Friday. She said "well, since you're my mom and dad now, do I have to go to school tomorrow?" Blahahaha I had to laugh... And yes the poor girl has to go to school tomorrow.

All the extended family CAME to the train station to say goodbye to me!
It was a very hard and emotional goodbye for me to the girls, but also G&G and uncle & aunt. Knowing they’re giving up the girls to be in a better place and could possibly never see them again.
It was hard to imagine that I will probably never see them again. They've been hospitable and loving to us, even packing candy for our 4 kids back home and food for our 4 hour train ride. 
Mike will spend time with Uncle Sergey helping in his apartment and do some things to help them prepare for a new baby.
Lots of opportunity for more conversation about Jesus.

Genesis 48 by Voddie Baucham

Adoption…10 years later…Russell Moore:

Thank you again for prayer~ 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Day...

Nothing exciting to report. We are just waiting on court. We see the girls every night for a few hours.
The days are getting longer as the weather outside is getting colder.

This song pretty much somes up how we are feeling: