Saturday, January 24, 2015


Tara asked me to add a few details….We FaceTimed this morning (yes, technology is amazing) and hearts were full of JOY! We were able to talk with girls and say “COME HOME” and they squealed “FOREVER”!
There was one lady who was the sewing/cooking/home skills teacher. The girls had prepared a meal with all the items they’d learned to make (mayonnaise slathered herring with raw onion and loads of garlic…EEK!) as well as a little play…S sang a song about a Mother’s Heart and though Tara couldn’t make out all the words the emotion in the room was pulsating as the ladies were weeping. One teacher melted and sobbing told Tara how thankful she was they were giving the girls a life and a future and a family. S is excited to come, but leaving is very very hard…she made a speech thanking the ladies for taking care of her and teaching her. Many of the women have really poured heart and soul into these orphans who have been left behind.

The paperwork was once again bundled in TWINE. So as it gets pulled on its donkey cart to Kiev (kidding…kinda) they are waiting in an apartment near  the girls orphanage so they can spend as much time with them as possible. It still looks like it will be 15 days to court, and then after that Tara will fly home. Mike’s return/waiting plans are still uncertain.

There is a maternal grandfather in the area that S often visits and the Worth’s will be meeting with him on Sunday. It must be terribly painful to see your wayward daughter’s children, your grand-girls…leaving your country forever with strangers. The grandfather asked to keep the photo albums that Tara had sent home with the girls from their trips here.  Please pray for this interaction and that it would have Gospel opportunity with much grace. That information would be shared and hearts would be connected in a way only the Lord can accomplish.

On a home and hearth note… the Worth’s over-due cow Peaches FINALLY gave birth today to a little heifer calf!

Thank you for sharing in the journey…your kindness through prayers and support are a great encouragement!

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