Friday, January 30, 2015

I thank God~

As many of you know adopting our girls has been a long road of high emotions, pain and longing.
Two years ago I wrote a hard post about the day we left the girls orphanage where I knelt in the snow sobbing with V asking me to "be her mommy and when was I coming back for her?". At the time all I could say to her was that I loved her and I would be praying for her forever. Knowing in my heart that I really had no idea when I would see her again. (See post here)
On the very first day we arrived back at the orphanage, before even entering through the doors I stood in the place of that spot that was so painful two years ago. I looked up into the heavens and marveled at the mighty power of our Lord. I thanked him abundantly for His unending promises: "He places the lonely in families" Psalms 68:6

And that's what these girls were, "lonely!" Even though the orphanage is full of children and women who care and teach them, there was always the one empty spot in their hearts that had never been filled with a families love. NOW, with a father, mother, five brothers and sisters, two sets of grandparents, several aunties and uncles, and a countless number of cousin these girls will have their hearts filled to the brim in no time. Their first birthday party, first Thanksgiving with much to be thankful for, first Christmas full of love and family, first Resurrection Sunday to learn and understand the meaning of Christ's love for them, we have much to look forward to in the coming year.
At night when we spend time with the girls we talk about Summer time filled with camping trips, motorcycle riding, hiking & swimming and they squeal with delight in fun times to come. Then they both groan and ask how much longer before we leave to America? Mike groans back and tells them "We too, want to know how much longer!"
Paperwork and plans are moving along. Court is tentatively scheduled for February 11th.
Thank you again for your words of encouragement and prayer.

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