Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart Bonding...

We are able to FT Tara and Mike most mornings, but they are so tired that after they fill us in she’s asked me to send out updates.

The first full day spent with the girls went straight to unexpected DEEP HEART TALKS…especially with S.
Mike and Tara are jaw dropped, amazed, shocked, surprised, encouraged (did I miss any?) with S openness, interaction and desire for conversation and relationship….this is a changed girl from the one they last saw 2 years ago when they traveled to UA to adopt the boys and a far cry from the sassy “teen” who came for the summer 2 ½ years ago testing every boundary and bouncing off the walls. Praise God for the work HE does in our lives!

When they started the adoption process this last summer they were paper chasing on faith. She STILL did not want to be adopted and wouldn’t even talk to them on the phone. But the Lord used her orphanage director to BLESS her. The director said  “COME…she’s going. You are the family she needs.” This was a nail biting! The amount of time, resources, effort (not to mention sanity) required for adoption is GREAT…and to consider bringing home a girl who didn’t want to come was DAUNTING! But as the months went by, and the wait stretched out…the Lord redeemed every minute of those “delays” to prune and prepare this little ladies heart. He birthed in her a yearning for a “mama and a papa” and she began to LONG for what she once rejected. Doesn’t the Lord write the best stories?

One of her repetitive questions to Mike has been “Why me? Why this girl of all the girls to adopt? I know I’ve been awful…Why would you want me? ” Such beautiful ripe brokenness. Opportunity as the new papa poured into her with love and affirmation the Gospel… that the LORD RESCUES US…and he has SENT them to rescue HER! Hours and hours spent talking of why they have come so far and loved so faithfully for 3 years…it’s all Jesus. It’s all because of the work of saving grace He’s done in their lives that they are sent as His ambassadors to bring home orphans and give them a name and a hope. Just as Christ loved us while we yet hated him, so  Mike and Tara have loved S while she rejected them for years. The Faithfulness of the father is seen in the lives of His people…and this they have been able to spend time talking about together as they become a FAMILY in Ukraine.

They are traveling to the Grandfather’s home Sunday night our time. There’s some anxiety as you can imagine. Please be in prayer.

Also…many have asked if the girls are getting new names.
And the answer is YES!
They have let them choose new names and those will be shared once court is finalized. J

All praise to the King of Kings~

Psalm 146:9
“The LORD watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.”

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