Saturday, January 31, 2015

Castles of the Heart...

Today was castle touring with Uncle Sergey and more time spent with the girlies talking about what family life will be like in America.
Please pray for S who knows many changes are ahead for her in living under the authority of a father and a mother…she’s excited and nervous at the same time as SO MUCH will change.

They rented a car much to the SHOCK of the Ukrainian’s who were flabbergasted! (most don’t drive or own them)
And…the inevitable squatty potty showed up again… So sad!
The girls were allowed to be with them from 8am-8pm rather than their usual after school few hours so the time together was great!

All Praise to the Lord of the Orphan…

Pastor Phil Layton-Adoption and The Gospel
Kamyanets Castle dates back to the II century AD.
Me & Uncle
Sword in the stone.... I'm not the King...I was so sad!
I was hoping to avoid this this time.....whhhaaaaaaaa

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