Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Lord is good....

We are so blessed that The Lord has answered our continued prayers about changing and softening S heart. We are planing to bring both girls, S (15) & V (8) home to our family very soon. One Sunday morning in December we called the girls and S came to the phone first saying she wants us as her parents and how she wants a real forever family. What an amazing phone call!! She's been spending time with a grandfather and he has been talking to her about how important a family is and that she has an opportunity of a life time that so many children and even adults of Ukraine hope for. He advised her to not pass up the opportunity to live with a family that has loved her for so long. Who knew there would be a grandfather speaking wisdom into her life, Thank you Lord!!! We do plan to meet this grandfather when in Ukraine and ensure him of our love for both girls.
Sasha talked about the regret of lost time with us and the regret of her behavior in the past. She said she's been scared to leave the only life she's ever known. After she poured her heart out to us she promptly asked "Now, when are you coming to get us?!?!" We laughed and said we are trying to get there as soon as possible. 
We talked to S last Sunday the 14th and she was so exited to talk to us and ask about the family. The Lord has really changed our girl's heart for wanting a family. It made it more difficult to get off the phone with her, knowing she is longing for us. But, we assured her that the Lord has our timing all worked out. (I have to remind myself of this too!)  
Please be in prayer for Sasha's heart change, that it's genuine and real. 
Also, for the waiting that both girls have to endure while we are waiting on word from the Ukrainian Government for an appointment. Hoping/Praying for mid-January.


  1. wow! I didn't know there where TWO girls! :)
    good for Sasha!
    leaving everything you know it's not an easy decision. even when you know that you have very little. it's also very hard for the kids at the first to adjust to their new life. so it's extremely important that they make this decision on their own.
    your update is so exciting! can't wait to see all the new ones in January!
    praying everything goes well at the SDA.
    Merry Christmas to your wonderful family!

  2. Praise the Lord for answered prayers for your family! We are so happy.

    The Palmer Family

  3. What an amazing and beautiful story. Best of luck in the rest of your journey!


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