Friday, July 26, 2013

Waiting on you Lord...And I am hopeful...

Today marks one year ago we picked up the girls at the SF airport. 
Today marks one year ago that we fell in love with those girls. 
Today marks one year ago that Ukraine was in our hearts and minds. 
Today marks one year ago that our family was ready to expand. 

Although its been painful and hard, we are patently waiting for Sasha to make her decision this fall after spending the summer with another family in Texas. 
We pray for them daily and are waiting on The Lord...
This song has been helpful for me this summer....
John Waller ~ While I'm Waiting 

Click this link to listen ~


  1. Hey Tara!!

    Thank you so much for your email, please check out my new post!!

    Can you please clarify about Sasha having to make a decision? I feel like I am missing something....thanks!!!


  2. Praying for your situation while you're waiting.


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