Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Made it Home!!

On Wednesday the Embassy processed our paperwork, medical checks and issues visas all in one day. Mike and I were so sick and trying to get home we begged them to help us with processing in one day so we could leave on Thursday. THEY DID IT!
We got up at 2am on Thursday to start the LONG and PAINFUL journey home. Having a 2 year old on these long flights was hard enough, but with us being so sick it made it much harder.
We flew into Huston and barley made our connecting flight to Sacramento. Imagine us running through the airport with 4 children, super sick and 5 large bags of luggage. Not fun!
The last flight was hardest knowing we were so close to home and on our 26th hour of travel really started to slide downhill.
We landed in Sacramento to cheers and sign waving from our family. We were in such a daze of exhaustion we just barley managed to make it to the cars.
We arrived to our home freshly painted, new carpet and the cleanest it’s ever been with lot of food stocked up in the refrigerator and on the counters.
The next day Mike and I headed to the Dr. to find he has pneumonia and I have bronchitis. Needless to say my mother moved in and has been such an asset to us. We have not energy and sleep most of the day and all night.
The boys are both doing great adjusting to life here in sunny California. They play outside most of the day in shorts and flip flops. What a change from the -4 degree we were in.
Thanks so much for all the families who helped clean, bring food and gifts for the boys.
I will post photos and updates when we are feeling better.
Love to you all ~    

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  1. Praise God you guys are all home! Praying for your health and recovery.


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