Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sleep, name change and a train ride!!

First off sleep. Both boys slept all night without a peep. I on the other hand did not sleep at all for fear of Mark waking up and being afraid or not knowing where he was. But, he slept amazingly all night with his frog and blanket. What a blessing they were both content and feeling safe.

So, name change. It all started back in court when the lawyer gave the court the wrong spelling of Alec's name. She gave them Alex instead of Alec. It was an added frustration to an already very frustrating day. We did not find out until the new birth certificates where done and stamped. But, it's easily changed in the US. When R was telling Alec his new name he stuck his tongue out and shook his head no. R said he does not like it. I asked him "well, ask him if he likes Alex." He asked and he smiled and said YES!! So, Alex it is and there won't be a need to change names in the US. The Lord works in mysterious ways, even when were irritated about it. 

We are currently on a train headed to Kiev. We plan to spend a few hours at the zoo and do some shopping for the girls. We will board another train tonight and head to the girls region. A van (yes, sadly a van, no more squashing) will pick us up and take us to see girls. We will then head to,see some castles and spend a fun filled day with them tomorrow and over the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging posts and emails we are receiving, they are greatly appreciated. Also. Thanks for the midnight prayer and the daily ones too. 

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