Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello from the Worth Kids!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!
Our house is starting to feel like a home again. With organization, a food schedule and school starting I am much much happier.
Mike and I are starting to feel a little better and are trying to get over the hump of feeling tired all the time.
Homeschool started last Monday. Alex is thriving and is learning English FAST! He is doing a great job at Math and loves his flashcard time with Dad every day.
We had two days of doctor appointments for the boys last week that were very long and tiring. They are happy healthy boys, but need to see a specialist for a few things. This coming week will be follow-ups and dentist appointments.
We had a fun filled day with family at my sister’s house eating yummy food, egg hunting and eating yummy food again.  
Here is the only photo I got of the kids all together today ~

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  1. Love the photo! All of the kids look great in their Easter best.


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