Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello Again!!

My blog has been broken down for a few days, so I have not been able to update. Sorry about that. 

I'm going to skip the horrific van ride here that took 9 hours. 
We got to see the girls first thing on Friday morning. They were shocked to see us, but warmed up soon after our arrival. We took them all (6) to the mall to roller skate and pizza for the day. They all loved it very much.
Saturday was M 9th birthday. We took all 6 kids to a trampoline party house and had a great time. 
Today we went back to the mall to roller skate and have burgers.
Mike and I are both very sick with fevers, sore throats and cough. We keep on plugging along with the kids, but it's been very hard. Pray for us as we are in this hard place with sickness and 6 kids to take care of. 
Tomorrow is resting day and we will see the girls after school is out for a few hours. 
Tuesday we will say goodbye to the girls and are taking the 2:00 train from here to Kiev in hopes to finish up our paperwork and fly home by next weekend. WHEW~ what a long trip this has been, we are ready to be home. 
Birthday Girl!!


  1. So sorry you are sick.
    God please miraculously heal Mike and Tara tonight as they sleep. We pray that you will give them amazing strength to finish this trip. Please expedite all necessary paperwork so they can bring the boys home soon. Thank you for blessing them. In Jesus's Holy name, amen. Love u all!

  2. Oh man, so sorry you guys are sick! Praying that God would touch and heal your bodies and keep the others from getting sick! Praying that He'd give you the strength and energy for the 'sprint' to the finish of this trip and getting all that you need to done so that you can get home quickly!


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