Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Trip to the Hospital...

G has been sick for 4 days with a cold. Yesterday he started a high fever and ear pain. We rested all day and hoped for a better day today. But no, his fever is now 102 and he is howling about his ears. We called our faciloator and he called a cab to take us to the hospital. So off we went. It was archaic, scary and felt like some scary movie i have seen somewhere. They took him and Mike into a side room to examin him. Dr. said he has no ear infection and just a bad cold and percribed 7 perscritions of, not sure what. There is a woman here that speaks English and is going to meet with Mike at the pharmacy and find out what these are and if they will be helpful. So, for now he is resting and so are the rest of us.
The Hospital 
Exam Rooms

Sick Boy!
The Ambulance
The Doctor 


  1. Oh my goodness! Now that's a cultural experience I'm guessing you weren't wanting or expecting! So sorry... Praying that one of those 7 (holy cow!) prescriptions helps, but mostly that God just touches and heals G and gets him feeling back to normal quickly. And also that the rest of you stay healthy!

  2. I have been to Ukraine 5 times and this is one experience I hope to never have. Hope your boy is well soon!


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