Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello from the Worth Kids!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!
Our house is starting to feel like a home again. With organization, a food schedule and school starting I am much much happier.
Mike and I are starting to feel a little better and are trying to get over the hump of feeling tired all the time.
Homeschool started last Monday. Alex is thriving and is learning English FAST! He is doing a great job at Math and loves his flashcard time with Dad every day.
We had two days of doctor appointments for the boys last week that were very long and tiring. They are happy healthy boys, but need to see a specialist for a few things. This coming week will be follow-ups and dentist appointments.
We had a fun filled day with family at my sister’s house eating yummy food, egg hunting and eating yummy food again.  
Here is the only photo I got of the kids all together today ~

Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Made it Home!!

On Wednesday the Embassy processed our paperwork, medical checks and issues visas all in one day. Mike and I were so sick and trying to get home we begged them to help us with processing in one day so we could leave on Thursday. THEY DID IT!
We got up at 2am on Thursday to start the LONG and PAINFUL journey home. Having a 2 year old on these long flights was hard enough, but with us being so sick it made it much harder.
We flew into Huston and barley made our connecting flight to Sacramento. Imagine us running through the airport with 4 children, super sick and 5 large bags of luggage. Not fun!
The last flight was hardest knowing we were so close to home and on our 26th hour of travel really started to slide downhill.
We landed in Sacramento to cheers and sign waving from our family. We were in such a daze of exhaustion we just barley managed to make it to the cars.
We arrived to our home freshly painted, new carpet and the cleanest it’s ever been with lot of food stocked up in the refrigerator and on the counters.
The next day Mike and I headed to the Dr. to find he has pneumonia and I have bronchitis. Needless to say my mother moved in and has been such an asset to us. We have not energy and sleep most of the day and all night.
The boys are both doing great adjusting to life here in sunny California. They play outside most of the day in shorts and flip flops. What a change from the -4 degree we were in.
Thanks so much for all the families who helped clean, bring food and gifts for the boys.
I will post photos and updates when we are feeling better.
Love to you all ~    

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello Again!!

My blog has been broken down for a few days, so I have not been able to update. Sorry about that. 

I'm going to skip the horrific van ride here that took 9 hours. 
We got to see the girls first thing on Friday morning. They were shocked to see us, but warmed up soon after our arrival. We took them all (6) to the mall to roller skate and pizza for the day. They all loved it very much.
Saturday was M 9th birthday. We took all 6 kids to a trampoline party house and had a great time. 
Today we went back to the mall to roller skate and have burgers.
Mike and I are both very sick with fevers, sore throats and cough. We keep on plugging along with the kids, but it's been very hard. Pray for us as we are in this hard place with sickness and 6 kids to take care of. 
Tomorrow is resting day and we will see the girls after school is out for a few hours. 
Tuesday we will say goodbye to the girls and are taking the 2:00 train from here to Kiev in hopes to finish up our paperwork and fly home by next weekend. WHEW~ what a long trip this has been, we are ready to be home. 
Birthday Girl!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sleep, name change and a train ride!!

First off sleep. Both boys slept all night without a peep. I on the other hand did not sleep at all for fear of Mark waking up and being afraid or not knowing where he was. But, he slept amazingly all night with his frog and blanket. What a blessing they were both content and feeling safe.

So, name change. It all started back in court when the lawyer gave the court the wrong spelling of Alec's name. She gave them Alex instead of Alec. It was an added frustration to an already very frustrating day. We did not find out until the new birth certificates where done and stamped. But, it's easily changed in the US. When R was telling Alec his new name he stuck his tongue out and shook his head no. R said he does not like it. I asked him "well, ask him if he likes Alex." He asked and he smiled and said YES!! So, Alex it is and there won't be a need to change names in the US. The Lord works in mysterious ways, even when were irritated about it. 

We are currently on a train headed to Kiev. We plan to spend a few hours at the zoo and do some shopping for the girls. We will board another train tonight and head to the girls region. A van (yes, sadly a van, no more squashing) will pick us up and take us to see girls. We will then head to,see some castles and spend a fun filled day with them tomorrow and over the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging posts and emails we are receiving, they are greatly appreciated. Also. Thanks for the midnight prayer and the daily ones too. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who Needs a Bigger Car??

All 6 of us fit into the back of this little car!!!
We picked up our boys today!!! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Court was a success today!!
Alec Michael Worth ~ 8 and Mark Michael Worth ~ 2

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 32...

G is much better today. No fever at all. Thank you everyone who prayed for him and our family through this hard weekend. We are all very tried and plan to sleep really well tonight, after 3 nights of being up most if the night with him. 

We have court in 18 hours!!! We are so excited to make these boys ours once and for all. Pray for us as we enter into this foreign court room where we will present our case as to why we want to adopt when we already have two biological children. Why from Ukraine and why these boys. If anyone is up for a midnight snack on Monday night please pray for us as we will enter court at midnight California time. 

 We will have a few more days of paperwork here and then plan to head out by train to see our girls we hosted last summer by the end of the week. We will be taking both boys with us too. There we will spend a fun weekend with the girls going sight seeing and having a birthday party for M at a trampoline party place. Pray for our time with the girls and that the older girl, (S) will have a soften heart for us and be excited to see us. 

Thanks again so much for all the prayers, we have felt them.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Trip to the Hospital...

G has been sick for 4 days with a cold. Yesterday he started a high fever and ear pain. We rested all day and hoped for a better day today. But no, his fever is now 102 and he is howling about his ears. We called our faciloator and he called a cab to take us to the hospital. So off we went. It was archaic, scary and felt like some scary movie i have seen somewhere. They took him and Mike into a side room to examin him. Dr. said he has no ear infection and just a bad cold and percribed 7 perscritions of, not sure what. There is a woman here that speaks English and is going to meet with Mike at the pharmacy and find out what these are and if they will be helpful. So, for now he is resting and so are the rest of us.
The Hospital 
Exam Rooms

Sick Boy!
The Ambulance
The Doctor 

Friday, March 1, 2013

29 Days!!! Our Day Today...

Lunch.... We found fries!!!! 
The deaths ~ 7 million Soviet citizens
The victory!! 

The fight!!
WWII Memorial 

Silly Swings
Looking up to big Brother