Saturday, February 9, 2013

Will You??

Yesterday and today when we were in the room with our boy several eyes would pass our door and peer in. They would point and say his name and see him playing with his car. One boy, stood at the door a very long time. G went to him and gave him a balloon and started tossing it back and fourth. It's agony to see them walk by with such sad the below blog post from another family here in UA adopting right now.'s so TRUE and so SAD!! 

I've decided to tell one of my worst experiences while being here.  It happened yesterday. Yes, the same day that we also experienced the most incredible joy.

At the end of each visit, the kids usually walk out before us to head back to their group. We always have to clean up toys and get the room we visit in back in order. Yesterday had that typical process. However, when I walked out of the visiting room, I saw a group on the other side of the glass door getting ready to walk out of the orphanage.  Our oldest was in that group.  It didn't take long for our oldest to spot us and start pointing at us while whispering to classmates. As soon as I walked through that glass door, the oldest came running for one last hug. While those arms were tight around my neck, my heart was breaking into a million pieces. Because facing me was a group of children seeing their classmate gain a mom and dad. There is no way to describe the look on their faces. Not smiles. Not awe. More of a curious expression of wonder.  Utter emptiness.  I'm not talking about a brief glance our way. I'm talking about unrelenting gazing at us.

What do you tell them?

Why were they not chosen to have parents? Why are people not coming to see them every day?  Why are they not getting new toys? Why is there no one for them to run to?  Who is going to provide them that loving affection? Will someone ever come for them? Why will most of them end up "aging out" at 16 and be put out?  How do you tell them statistics show high chances of suicide and prostitution?  Who is coming for them?

God has called us all to care for orphans. That doesn't mean I  think everyone is called to adopt.  However, I do believe more are called than those who answer. It's easy to do. We almost did. I guess this is my earnest plea to anyone who reads this blog to search your hearts.  If you remotely feel like God has called you to such a thing, please seek Him for more guidance and direction.  Just maybe you would end up giving one of them a family and a home.

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  1. Praying for God's continued blessings upon your family.



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