Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our first day in Kiev Ukraine

One of the MANY churches we have seen

Well we made it and with no drama. Our kids have been great so far. The flight was a breeze, kids slept almost the whole way to Germany and We slept a little too. Watched two movies and ate two meals. Yum!! 
Peeps with our drinking water
Today we walked around town by ourselves. It was fun to see the underground malls and all the churches and statues too. Went to the market to buy our dinner and now back at house for rest and dinner. Kids are coloring and listening to an audio book "Red Badge of Courage"
This is the sidewalk.....ummmmm ya cars on the sidewalk
It's not that cold, we were very warm walking around town. Enjoy photos~

Downtown Kiev

Lunch at Mc D's
Our Building
Our Street 
Getting Food

Kids with some statues

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  1. Love that they have McDonalds! Crazy! Are the milk shakes any good?


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