Friday, February 15, 2013

Brothers Meeting eachother for the first time!!

This was such a sweet day. 
We brought the older boy into town to meet his little brother for the very first time. Older boy was so sweet and smiling, wanting to hold little brother allot. After we were done at baby house we took older to pizza and indoor playground. 
By the way, it's super cold her today. Most days have been cool, but today is freezing. 
After a fun filled day we were exhausted. 
Went for a quick trip to grocery store for dinner items and home for rest of the night. Whew~ 


  1. This is so exciting to see God unfolding His will and plan for your family. Such a great blessing!! Thanks for the photos.

    Carol and Family

  2. I immediately cried at this see those boys embracing! The Lord has so many plans for you six!
    Love the Vs


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