Monday, February 18, 2013


Today we went to S orphanage to pass out sweaters. It was so sweet to see all the cute little kids lining up quietly and patiently for their new hand knitted sweater. They were excited and thrilled with such a precious gift from so far away. 
We were in the room playing with S when he asked Mike for the iPad. He started typing on the translator and he handed it to Mike it said, "Я ЛЮБЛЮ ВАС" for those of you who don't speak Ukrainian it means "I Love You". Mike looked up and me and was so happy he grabbed and squeezed S tight. Mike told G&M "This is the Lords work! He has softened and shaped S heart to love and accept us. Only God can do that to an orphan."
 Our paperwork is DONE!!! It's being sent to Kiev (wrapped with twine by the way, no staplers, binders, paper clips or the such here) Weird!!! But yet again the Ukrainian way. 
We should hear about our court date this week. Hopefully court will be next week. Cross our fingers.....
This is the only photo we can post today!


  1. Such a funny girl you are!! Praying and hoping things will go quickly. Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us. Love to all.

    Carol and Family

  2. It's an organic twine :) The whole country is tying to be "green" - is it not the trendy thing to do??

    1. This is the sweetest thing to hear, coming from his little heart!!!


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