Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another GOOD day!!

We had a wonderful day with one of the boys again. When we first arrived, we were mobbed by a group of kids. We passed out balls and jump ropes and candy. G&M blew bubbles and played with them. Then we were moved to another room to spend the time with him alone. Mostly just us and our translator. We spent 4 hours there. I was a super fun mom and headed up the balloon games. We all had to run around the room with a ballon between our legs. So super fun. The kids all howled in laughter. We bought a Lego train station and we all spent some time building it. We were asked to join the kids for lunch. It was fun and yummy.
We are again very tired and ready for rest. 
Thanks so much again for all your prayers and notes of encouragement. 

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