Friday, February 8, 2013

A Good Day...

We had a great first day with one of the boys. We bought him a RC car and he played with it the whole time. We had some snacks together and he seamed happy and ask if we would come back tomorrow. So we will be meeting with him again.
We were unable to meet the other boy do to it being so late in the day. But we are hopeful to be able to see him Monday.
Keep us in prayers, as we are growing very weary with travel and lack of sleep.
Thanks for watching our blog.


  1. Sooo glad it went well. I was praying for your family this morning while taking Cava to school. Our family is continually praying for yours. We love reading your blog and check it every day to see the latest news. If you have any specific prayer requests you want us to pray for, just e-mail us and we will.

    Elliott Blackwell

  2. So happy your meeting went well. Keep us updated, we're praying for you guys and miss our neighbors!


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