Sunday, January 6, 2013

Waiting ~ UGH

The waiting for an appointment date is killing me. Reminds me of when I went 10 days overdue when I was pregnant with my son. UGH ~ no one has ever waited this long, this is taking forever... But in reality people have waited and are still waiting. There is no travel update, just sharing the agony of waiting for an appointment. My packing pile is growing and so is my anxiety for the unknown of Ukraine. Stay Tuned... We should hear this week. 


  1. So glad to have found you guys! I found that waiting for the appointment was pretty easy but waiting to actually leave after we got our appointment date is TORTURE! hahaha
    The past week has simultaneously flown and dragged by...I'm sure the next two weeks will be much of the same.
    I'm so impressed with how much packing you've done! We haven't even started. Well, if you count opening a suitcase and lying it on the floor of the girls' room "starting" then we have ;)
    Can't wait to follow your journey!


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