Friday, December 28, 2012

We better start packing....

Just got word from another family adopting and traveling at the same time as us. Our agency says this:

"I've been dealing with the Russian crisis. Even had media it out here twice today interviewing me about the situation. We have a family who is traveling for child in Russia and now it's been told they can bring him home. Ilona said there are no travel dates today but she thinks your travel date will be after January 20th for sure. She said no travel dates are being given between now and January 20th. She is expecting you to have rather short notice. So if I were you, I would be prepared to go on the 20th or later but do not buy tickets yet. Can you please call or email Tara Worth with this information? I am so bogged down right now and trying to leave the office. TX for texting"
So the packing begins...notice the TP and wet wipes..blahahhaaaaaa

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