Friday, November 9, 2012

The face that changed our life:

Vika (6)
Our chance to Host a Child from Ukriane: April 23, 2012
The more I have thought about this today the more selfish I see myself becoming. My thoughts are "it will be to hard for ME to let go at 6 weeks, I can't do this." " I will just go on with my little peaceful life and not cause ME or MY family any heartbreak." most of my thoughts ended up Being about me and my feelings and how this would make ME feel and me me me me more me. But what about this girl...... Has she ver sat on a mama's lap and licked an ice cream cone? Has she ever been swung around by a daddy that loves her? Has she had a full belly of good healthy food or a warm bed?? We can give her these things, maybe not forever but for sure for 6 weeks. Only God knows what will happen after that. Our hearts need to be ready for that. Whether it be that we start pursuing adoption or maybe it's to give her the best 6 weeks of her life so far. I am ready to host her with the knowledge that God has a plan for her and us both. Not saying there won't be tears or even times of regret to even expose my heart, but remembering God is in control, even if it means not to bring her home forever.
Sasha (13) and Vika (6)

She has a sister:May 5, 2012

As we moved forward with the paperwork to host Vika we learned she has a 13 year old sister Sasha. They must be hosted together. Through prayer and deep consideration we decided to host both girls. With trepidation and uncertainty we moved forward with the paperwork. 

We pick up our girls in SF:July 19, 2012

Travel finally comes to an end!!
The excitement of the waiting families mounts when all the children come into view in the terminal. We were waving and shouting greeting. These poor children had just finished a 40 hour trip from Ukraine. They were haggard, dirty, hungry, tired and most of all scared of what lay ahead for them. Imagine never having a loving family in your life and now you walk to excited waving people, thrown into a van with your little bag and off you zoom through the throngs of San Francisco unable to speak or understand anything. I would have given anything to know what was going through their heads as we headed home.  

Something they have never had, but will now have forever:

A Grandma and Grandpa


Best Friends

A Family

Some Fun we Had:           Summer 2012

Alcatraz Island

6 Flags

Pier 39

Old Train Ride

Piano Lessons




Out on the Boat


River Cats Game



Our Final Goodbye:    

August 21, 2012

Hello Friends ~
I want to thank you for being interested and part of this journey.

Our Girls
As of today we will not be pursuing adoption of Sasha and Vika. In Ukraine the older children have the right to say "no" to any adopting family. During the last 2 weeks of Sasha's (13) visit with us she was not willing to submit to authority or have any respect for Mike or I as adults. Her continued lack of submission and unwilling to see us as the higher authority in the family, lead to a hard conversation on Monday morning before the girls left. We were planning on starting our adoption and send back paperwork to begin, but we both had a check in our heart but not sure why. We asked her if she wanted us to come for her and be part of our family and she said "I will come only if I don't have to follow any of your rules." she went on to explain she wants an adult status and all the adult freedom. She wants friends, TV, movies, iPod, music, clothes, language, Internet, food, school and many others things all on her own freedom with no limitations. She said she would be very unhappy here if she was forced to follow any of our family rules. Mike explained they are not "our family" rules, they are Gods rules for His people and he (Mike) is following and obeying Christ and leading his family in the ways of the Lord. She was not willing to listen or understand. The conversation got really heated and she started threatening me and my good friend Yana that was interpreting for us. We let the matter drop and Mike and I started praying for wisdom.
On another heart wrenching note Vika (6) wants nothing more then to have a mama and papa to love her. She was sweet and kind with "Yes Mom and Yes Dad" wanted to learn and submit. She is now to suffer with no family to love her because her sister has the final say for both of them. Ukraine will NOT separate siblings EVER! Even if its for the best, they will not. The only way is when Sasha is 16 and leaves the orphanage she can sign Vika over to adoption. That would be 3 more years and Vika would be 9.
We spent Monday in SF with the girls at the beach and a nice dinner. We met in the parking lot at 3am Tuesday morning and drove to airport to say good-bye.
Sasha was very detached and excited to see her friends and to show off her photo album. Vika stayed in Mike's arms for 1 1/2 hours until they had to start for the terminal. We kissed both of them and told them we love them forever and in the line they went. Vika sobbed and called out to me the whole time "mama, mama" I was a wreck with a broken heart wondering if I would ever see her again. We waved and waved until they could not see us anymore.
They are (right now) still traveling to the orphanage. I ask you to pray for the weariness that is surely setting in on them and their director who is traveling with them.
Pray for Mike and I as we are also weary and saddened. We know the Lord had a plan in this. Vika had a terrible mouth infection and had many oral surgeries while here. Sasha needed to see for the first time a family would love her. They both received the words of Jesus in their lives. They saw a large loving family/friends that would stand in prayer around them.
Our family will still keep in contact with them, buy sending words of encouragements and small gifts. They are in God's hands and His will, will be done.

Last Day on U.S. Soil

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